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Physiotherapists Sydney CBD

Ergoworks are an award-winning physiotherapy clinic established in 2003 and based in the Sydney CBD.

Why Choose Us

We became the leading Sydney physiotherapy and sports injury clinic for many reasons. More and more patients from across the region are choosing us when it comes to their treatment needs. Here is why you should do the same:


  • Same day appointments
  • One on one treatment
  • Convenient CBD Location
  • We treat the cause, not just the symptoms
  • Experienced Physiotherapists
  • Claim on the spot


Are you experiencing pain in any part of your body? Perhaps you are suffering from a sports injury and you need an effective treatment and recovery program. No matter what your physio problem, Ergoworks Physiotherapy provides the right solution you need to recover faster. We are the premier Sydney specialist physiotherapy centre.

Ergoworks Physiotherapy have a highly skilled team of professional physio in Sydney who will assess, diagnose and treat your injury and have you back to your activities as soon as possible. Conveniently practicing from their Sydney CBD location, an Ergoworks physio can assist with all your physiotherapy needs.

As a leading Sydney City physio clinic, Ergoworks Physiotherapy focuses on providing effective treatments for musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries. We maintain a safe and comfortable environment, along with a complete suite of equipment and treatment methods, to ensure our patients’ quick recovery. Our team comprises of qualified and experienced physiotherapists in Sydney CBD. You can trust us to provide the right care, attention, information and support you need.

We all want to stay healthy and strong, so we can continue doing what we love. Musculoskeletal and sports injuries, however, keep us from achieving this goal. If you are suffering from severe or chronic pain in the neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee or any other part of your musculoskeletal system, physiotherapy is right for you. Ergoworks Physiotherapy can design a treatment plan that suits your needs and condition.

With the help of our professional pysio and ergonomics teams, you can recover and go back to your normal activities or sports in no time.

Our team uses a combination of manual “hands on” techniques and exercise based therapy to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries. In our Sydney physio clinic, we treat patients from all walks of life – from office workers, casual “weekend warriors”, up to elite athletes.  This exposure to a wide spectrum of injuries and patients mean that our Sydney physio staff are highly experienced in treating any injury that is brought to our attention.

All of our physiotherapists have completed post-graduate training covering many different techniques and areas of the body, ensuring that they are specialists in all musculoskeletal and sporting injury therapies.

Ergoworks physio clinic work closely with our ergonomics team, and many of them have a background in ergonomics and occupational physiotherapy themselves. This sets us apart from most other physio clinics in Sydney when it comes to being the market leaders in ergonomics and work place injuries. We have teams working Australia wide providing onsite physio services within companies across a broad range of industries, with therapists onsite at over 10 companies in Sydney alone.

Ergoworks Physiotherapists have established relationships with a number of doctors and specialists in the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs. Our team will always refer you on for further investigations or opinions if they feel that physio alone is not enough to treat your condition.

Along with our clinic in the Sydney CBD, we also provide services to the UTS Bats Australian Football Club, who play in the Sydney AFL competition.

Call Ergoworks today on 9251 0822 for the best physiotherapy services Sydney has to offer.

Common Complaints

Physiotherapists Sydney CBD | Ergoworks Physiotherapy

Common injury complaints can often start out as just a “niggle”, but if not properly addressed can develop into a more debilitating injury.

Sporting Injuries

Physiotherapists Sydney CBD | Ergoworks Physiotherapy

Sports and sporting injuries can vary in severity, from a sprained ankle to a dislocated shoulder or even a complete rupture of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).

Physiotherapists Sydney CBD | Ergoworks Physiotherapy
Awards Physiotherapists Sydney CBD | Ergoworks Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapists Sydney CBD | Ergoworks Physiotherapy