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Is there a waiting list?
No. An appointment will usually be available within 24-48 hours, though more often than not an appointment will be available on the same day.

What are your opening times?
We are open from 7.30am – 6pm Monday to Thursday and 8am – 5pm on Friday.

Do I need a referral?
A referral is not necessary for all private appointments, although if you have one bring it with you so that the physiotherapist can communicate with the referring practitioner if required. If you are receiving physiotherapy under a Workers Compensation claim, then a referral from your GP is required.

How long are appointments?
Initial appointments last for 45 minutes; follow up appointments are 30 minutes. Longer follow up appointments are available on request at an additional cost.

What should I wear?
Ideally, wear loose, comfortable clothing. For neck and shoulder problems the physiotherapist may require you to remove your top. For back and hip complaints the physio is likely to want to see the part in question so you may be asked to remove your trousers. Shorts will be provided, or you may wish to bring your own.

Do I need to bring X-rays or medical notes with me?
If you have any reports or x-rays/scans it is helpful if you bring them with you to the appointment.


What can I expect on my first appointment?
A thorough assessment will be undertaken. This will involve the physiotherapist asking a number of questions about your problem, and fully examining the area in question. The physio will then aim to provide a diagnosis. A treatment plan and prognosis will be discussed, as well as likely duration and frequency of treatment. You will usually receive some treatment during this first session as well.

How many treatments will I need?
This depends on many factors. Following your assessment, the physiotherapist will discuss the anticipated number of treatments with you. You will be re-assessed on each visit and if progress plateaus or no improvement is seen then this will be discussed and your treatment altered accordingly. If necessary, referral to a specialist can be arranged.


What are your payment terms?
Payment is made after each consultation, either by credit card, eftpos, or cash. Please contact us for an up to date list of charges.

Can I claim through my health fund?
We have HICAPS facilities, so bring your health fund card with you to the appointment and we can claim on your behalf at the time. You will be required only to pay the remaining gap. This may vary between health funds and will depend on your level of cover.

If you have any other questions, or seek further information about our service, please contact us on 02 8211 0419.

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