Sports injuries are a common occurrence in the sporting world, ranging from a sprained ankle to a dislocated shoulder. The Physiotherapists at Ergoworks will assess your injury and be able to provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan to help get you back to playing as soon as possible.

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Sporting injuries can have a number of causes including:

  • Overtraining leading to overuse injuries such as tendinopathies or muscle tears
  • Undertraining leading to overload of tissues which are not prepared for the activity
  • Incorrect equipment. Training in the wrong footwear can lead to problems ranging from foot and ankle pain to hip and even back pain
  • Biomechanics and technique. Running technique can lead to overuse injuries and problems such as runners knee
  • Accidents! Gravity can sometimes be your worst enemy. Falls and collisions can lead to sprains and contusions (bruises)
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Ergoworks Physiotherapy can help to identify underlying issues that may have led to your sporting injury, preventing it from happening again. If you do sustain a sporting injury, it is best you seek assessment and treatment for your injury by a sports injury physiotherapist while it is in the acute phase (the first 48 to 72 hours). This allows the physiotherapist to accurately diagnose the injury and formulate a treatment plan to have you back to your sport in the quickest time-frame possible.

Common sporting injuries include:

If you have an injury that requires immediate treatment, contact Ergoworks now on 1300 374 696 to book a Sydney sports physio appointment.

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