Suspension Training

Suspension training refers to a form of strength training in which a piece of equipment called a suspension trainer is used to perform exercise with your own body weight as resistance. Exercises are performed in a suspended state (with your feet or hands on the trainer).

The physios at Ergoworks love the concept of suspension training as it’s functional and multiplanar. This means that the exercises are performed in multiple planes of motion using numerous muscles and different joints simultaneously, mimicking closely the action in which we perform everyday activities. Exercises can be easily scaled to suit the individual’s level of training and/or rehab requirements, and due to the portability of the system, exercises can be performed practically anywhere.┬áThe suspension trainer is attached to an anchor point such as a door, tree or bar. Other than the space needed to perform the exercises, no other equipment is needed.

We’re pleased to now stock and offer for sale the BSS (Body Suspension System) Suspension Trainer for $99.┬áSuspension trainers can be bought from our CBD clinic or are available for delivery. Contact us at or on (02) 9251 0822.

Ask your physio at your next appointment for a demonstration of how your rehab could be enhanced by the use of a suspension trainer!

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