Stop running your way towards an injury!

You can hear the tap-tap… tap-tap of footsteps around you; see the bright colours flowing over the pavement like a rainbow river; and feel the adrenaline rush as you see “FINISH” come into view. These are some of the


Tips for the Fun-Run Season

All of us here at Ergoworks are in preparation for Fun Run Season, both as physios treating injured runners, and as competitors. All our physiotherapists will be participating in Neuroblastoma Australia’s Run2Cure 2019 to raise money for children affected


The chronic groin

With the English Premier League in full swing and the A-League around the corner, what better time to talk about football and that groin pain you just can’t shake! The groin is a complex area made up of a


“We were made to move

With the NSW Sun Run Northern Beaches fast approaching in January and the Rainbow Run in February, the team at Sydney Sports Med and Ergoworks thought it would be a good time to discuss one of our most natural


Calf Pain and Running

Calf pain related to running can have many different causes. Commonly they include: Shoe type – inappropriate shoe selection can make a big difference to calf pain. The right shoes can help to position your foot in the correct


Swimmer’s Shoulder

Summer’s here and we have had an influx of people getting back into swimming and developing shoulder pain.  The types of problems we see are generally injuries that can occur for a number of reasons, typically they include: Weakness


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