How to look after your body after a race

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Our physiotherapists often give advice about training and injury management, but what about after the race? There are some common mistakes that are made post race that can hinder your recovery. Holly McRae provides some


Running Season is here!

Injury Prevention Hopefully all the hard training is out of the way and you can now focus on the race! Don’t forget to warm-up – The aim of a warm up is to slowly work up to a pace


Distance Running – common injuries

ITB Friction Syndrome – this common running injury is often referred to as “runner’s knee” and affects the lateral (outside) aspect of the knee. Your ITB is a thick band of connective tissue that runs from the hip down


The Dangers of Skipping Your Warm-Up

Anyone who plays sports knows the importance of warming up first. Playing sports requires a lot of effort and movement, making it essential that you first perform a few warm-up exercises and stretches. Stretching is also one of the


5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Back and Reduce Pain

If you have experienced an injury and are engaging in physical therapy to help repair the damage and alleviate your pain, you likely need to learn about the different exercises to strengthen your core and back muscles. Working with


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