The Dangers of Skipping Your Warm-Up

Anyone who plays sports knows the importance of warming up first. Playing sports requires a lot of effort and movement, making it essential that you first perform a few warm-up exercises and stretches. Stretching is also one of the best ways to prepare the body so it’s less likely to receive any sports-related type of injury.

The high majority of people who play sports do not skip their warm-ups. These people understand the dangers that are associated with skipping a warm-up and for that reason have made warming-up a regular part of their sports-playing agenda.

How to Properly Warm-Up

Warming-up takes place right before playing your chosen sport and consists of moving around (i.e. jogging in place) to get your blood circulation going. Gentle stretching also helps to warm up the muscles. When you warm-up, your blood starts to circulate and flow through your body, which loosens up your muscles, joints and connective tissue. This blood flow not only supplies your muscles with oxygen, it also provides your body with ATP and essential minerals, which is going to give you more strength as well as more endurance while playing your sport.

Dangers of Skipping a Warm-Up

Skipping a warm-up before participating in a sport is more than likely going to increase your chances of getting a sports-related injury. When at rest, up to 85% of your blood is located in your mid-section, i.e. stomach, liver, etc. When participating in sports this blood needs to be distributed to your muscles, which now need more oxygen to do all the things you want/need them to do while you’re playing.

If you don’t warm-up, you’re (most likely) increasing your chances of receiving an injury. Some possible repercussions include getting tired too soon, arrhythmia, muscle strains/sprains and joint injuries. Sports-related injuries tend to be extremely painful, and often have a long recovery time with the possibility of becoming permanent.


Many people who have incurred a sports-related injury tend to see a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist is someone who specialises in using the latest techniques for the treatment of any sports-related injuries in order to help you heal in the fastest and best way possible.

Did You Know?

When you stretch your muscles, you’re making it so that there is a larger percentage of muscle to be used. Imagine someone who never stretches their muscles and someone who always performs their stretches. Who do you think is going to have more flexibility and range of motion? Who do you think is going to be more susceptible to injury? The more you (properly) stretch those muscles the more benefits you’re going to see as you participate in your sport.

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