Swimmer’s Shoulder

Summer’s here and we have had an influx of people getting back into swimming and developing shoulder pain.  The types of problems we see are generally injuries that can occur for a number of reasons, typically they include:

  • Weakness in the rotator cuff muscles or shoulder blade stabilisers
  • Stiffness in the shoulder, back or neck
  • Poor technique
  • Training error – too much, too soon

The physiotherapists at Ergoworks are experienced in identifying the causes of the problem and providing treatment to help get you back in the pool.

Treatment of swimmer’s shoulder

  1. Reduce inflammation – Rest from activity, Ice the area if it is possible.  Your physio can guide you on the appropriate exercises to do during this early stage of recovery
  2. Restore mobility of your shoulder, neck and back – Your physio can help with muscle release and joint mobilisation to improve your mobility
  3. Rotator cuff* and scapula strengthening – Your physio will provide you with appropriate exercises to help restore the stabilising muscles of your shoulder and scapula.
  4. Return to swimming guidance – Your physio will help guide you back to swimming.

It is important to note that people progress at different rates back to swimming. How long it takes with depend on the level of tissue damage that has occurred and the underlying causes of the problem. So whether it is a long standing niggle or a new pain, contact the physiotherapists at Ergoworks for a shoulder assessment.

* What is my rotator cuff?? Your rotator cuff are a group of four muscles that sit around your scapula and connect to your shoulder. Their job is to keep your shoulder in its socket.

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