“We were made to move

With the NSW Sun Run Northern Beaches fast approaching in January and the Rainbow Run in February, the team at Sydney Sports Med and Ergoworks thought it would be a good time to discuss one of our most natural traits – running.

Running is something that everyone has done at some stage of their lives, and nearly 80% of people 15 years or older have participated in running in the last 12 months, but not everyone comes out unscathed! We don’t want to flood you with information, but here are some quick tips on how to run without breaking down.

Running frequency, duration, distance, speed, terrain, footwear, leg strength and flexibility all play a part in how successfully we run.

How can we prevent or reduce the risk of developing injuries from running?

  • Before running, see a health professional to assist in designing a schedule which is tailored to you. We can’t just join our friend who’s been running for the last five years on a 15km run!
  • Always warm up and cool down with a slower jog.
  • Hydrate!! Water is essential in reducing the risk of feeling light-headed.
  • Don’t do too much too soon. A gradual increase in frequency, intensity and distance is imperative in injury prevention (Increase no more than 10% per week).
  • Avoid consecutive days. Have a swim, cycle or box in between running days.
  • Improve strength and endurance of muscles. Fatigue or muscle soreness can affect your technique and increase the risk of injuries.

What percentage of runners will suffer an overuse injury within any 12-month period of running?

  1. 20%
  2. 40%
  3. 60%
  4. 70%


If you thought that seventy percent of runners would suffer an overuse injury within any 12-month period, you would be correct. For this reason alone, it is important that you not only have the right advice regarding how to manage your training load, but you stay on top of those little niggles before they become more serious and long-lasting conditions, and you become one of those 7 in 10.

Remember, we were designed to run and our bodies will adapt to the demands placed upon it, but give it time to adapt!

Continue hitting the New Year at full stride and prevent injuries from holding you back with those few tips!

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