The 7 Most Common Sports Injuries

Studies show that millions of people are diagnosed with a sporting injury every single year. Rugby, Netball and Hockey seem to produce the most injuries with more than a third of participants receiving some type of injury when playing these 3 sports. The sports that claim the most serious injuries? Boxing and Rock Climbing. Although men are the recipient of most injuries, women aren’t far behind. Both men and women between the ages of 15 & 29 are almost 3 times as likely to experience an injury that calls for medical attention.

Why So Many Injuries?

A few of the more common reasons why people incur a sports-related injury include over-training, overusing a particular part of the body and not performing their warm-up routine properly. Fast moving sports that require players to stop suddenly and/or quickly twist around are a common cause of strains and sprains. Falling or receiving a direct hit to the body are also common causes of fractures.

Although sporting game rules tell people how to play the game, they are also put into place for safety reasons. Using the wrong techniques suggested for sport often go unnoticed until the pain starts to interfere with playing the sport. This makes it critical to follow any tried-and-true techniques. Thoroughly checking all equipment to make sure it fits correctly is also a good idea.

The 7 Most Common Sports Injuries

The most popular types of sports injuries include bruising, muscle sprains & strains, joint or ligament strains, fractures and dislocations. The areas of the body that are most often injured include the following:

1. Ankle

Ankle sprains are very common. The outside ligaments are the areas of the ankle that are damaged most often.

2. Knee

Cartilage tears and dislocations are frequent complaints when the knee is injured.

3. Elbow

Elbow injuries usually involve prolonged and repetitive use, such as in playing tennis (tennis elbow).

4. Shoulder

Tears often occur in the shoulders due to a throwing motion.

5. Hamstring

This type of injury occurs when the hamstring is over-stretched, which can lead to actual tears in the muscle.

6. Calf Strain

A calf strain occurs when these muscle are over-stretched, which can lead to actual tears in the muscle.

7. Shin

Bruises are common in the shin area. Over-stretching these muscles can also lead to tears.


If you have incurred a sports injury, seeing a physiotherapist is one of the best ways to treat that injury. The best time to see a physiotherapist is during the first 72 hours when the injury is still in its acute phase. Until then be sure to treat your injury using the RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

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