The Squeeze on Skinny Jeans.

It’s making headlines around the world, an Adelaide woman recently found herself in hospital for four days after losing feeling in her lower legs due to loss of circulation. What caused this unlikely hospital visit? Her skinny jeans! Her legs were so swollen upon arrival at the hospital that Doctors had to cut her jeans off her, only to discover she had minor nerve and muscle damage. A report published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry states “The wearing of ‘skinny’ jeans had likely potentiated the tibial neuropathies by causing a compartment syndrome as the lower legs swelled.” Compartment Syndrome has the potential to cause serious damage with extreme cases resulting in amputation.

While the injuries the Adelaide woman sustained weren’t as serious as they potentially could have been, the report indicates this “case represents a new neurological complication of wearing tight jeans.” Of course this is an extreme case of the potential dangers of wearing skinny jeans, however it’s common for women and men to complain of cold feet due to minor lack of circulation or pain and discomfort in legs, tummies and even the lower back when wearing them.

Be sure to buy the correct fit and be wary if any discomfort or tingling sensations arise while you’re wearing your jeans.

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