Swimmer’s shoulder

Swimmer’s shoulder

Australia has performed amazingly in the pool these Olympics over in Tokyo! Well done to all our athletes, especially the females!

These athletes have all worked extremely hard to get to where they are today, with many of them having overcome niggles or injuries in their past. Did you know that up to 91% of swimmers aged 13-25 years old experience shoulder pain frequently. If you’ve never heard of swimmer’s shoulder before, it is an umbrella term used for competitive swimmers who experience shoulder pain. Swimming is an activity which demands a lot from the shoulder – both from a mobility and a strength perspective. This requirement combined with the amount of repetition cumulates and increases risk of injury when we are not moving optimally and/or our overall load is not controlled.

Some specific causes include:

  • Overtraining/overuse/fatigue
  • Poor neuromuscular control
  • Poor stroke technique
  • Hypermobility of the shoulder joint
  • Poor shoulder strength
  • Previous history of shoulder injury

If you are a keen swimmer (perhaps motivated by how well our Olympians have done) and experiencing any pain in or around the shoulder region, make sure you book in early to have it assessed. Swimmer’s shoulder is definitely something that can be rehabilitated, and the best way to ensure you don’t have to take an extended break away from the pool is through a thorough assessment and rehabilitation program. Book an assessment with us today.

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