Tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow

One injury you may have heard of before is tennis elbow but you may be surprised to hear that you don’t have play tennis to suffer this injury! In fact, most people who experience this condition don’t associate it with any tennis or racquet related activity at all!

Tennis elbow (otherwise known as lateral epicondylitis) is a very common overuse injury to the elbow involving the tendons of the muscles on the back of your forearm. These tendons attach to the bone on the outside of your elbow and flare up when they become overloaded due to repetitive or prolonged movements of the elbow, wrist or hand. Examples include but aren’t limited to:

  • Computer use
  • Heavy lifting
  • Activities involving strong and /or prolonged gripping
  • Activities involving twisting through the forearm
  • Repetitive vibration

When suffering from tennis elbow you may experience:

  • Pain in the elbow (possibly radiating down the forearm towards your wrist)
  • Pain with gripping activities (carrying shopping, taking the bins in/out etc.)
  • Pain with twisting through the wrist/forearm (turning a key, opening a door etc.)

If you think you may be suffering from tennis elbow, a proper assessment to confirm your diagnosis is required followed by a rehabilitation program to make sure your pain goes away and most importantly, stays away! Book an appointment with one of our amazing physiotherapists today!

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