The dreaded ‘rotator cuff’

I don’t know how many times I have treated a patient who has come in and told me “My rotator cuff is torn”. Most people suffering from shoulder pain and discomfort will head off to their GP’s who will


How to Make Working from Home Work for You

Working from home sounds like the ideal work/life-balance situation, whereby you set your own hours and wear what you want. Yet, it can be fraught with hazards. Apart from your deadlines bleeding into your downtime (if you don’t set


Tendon Pain

Just as it starts to warm up, we tend to see a wave of patients through the clinic with lower limb issues. They’ve dusted off the running (or walking) shoes with all good intentions but unfortunately, gone a little


Everyday habits that can harm us without knowing

Physiotherapist, Ozlem Dalkic, explains to us some things that we do everyday that could hurt out posture and back. She tells us how we can take little steps to improve our life. Watch the video here

The chronic groin

With the English Premier League in full swing and the A-League around the corner, what better time to talk about football and that groin pain you just can’t shake! The groin is a complex area made up of a


Workstation tips from an Ergonomic Physiotherapist

Office workstation set up plays a vital role in both the quality of health for the employee and the productivity the workers. Current evidence suggests introducing more walking and movement breaks throughout the day to promote better hear and


Ice Ice Baby

“When do I use ice or heat for an injury?” This is a question, that as physiotherapists, we hear almost every day. So what is the answer? And why is it complicated? Generally; Ice- if there is an inflammatory


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