Tendon Pain

Just as it starts to warm up, we tend to see a wave of patients through the clinic with lower limb issues. They’ve dusted off the running (or walking) shoes with all good intentions but unfortunately, gone a little


Everyday habits that can harm us without knowing

Physiotherapist, Ozlem Dalkic, explains to us some things that we do everyday that could hurt out posture and back. She tells us how we can take little steps to improve our life. Watch the video here

Sleeping postures for neck and back pain

One of our favourite topics here at Sydney SportsMed & Ergoworks is posture. This month we’ll discuss sleeping postures for neck and back pain.

Work Less

Researchers have backed the popular belief that working less could be better for your brain. New research from the University of Melbourne has found working part-time for about 25 to 30 hours a week had a positive impact on


Dry Needling

Physiotherapists are fortunate to utilise many treatment techniques which can be an integral part of any patients rehab journey. “Integrated Dry Needling is a technique of needling that focuses on anomalies in the tissue to elicit palpable and observable


What people are getting wrong about Standing Desks

There have been some negative reports of Standing Desks in the media recently. A study released by the International Journal of Epidemiology claims that they have found sitting for long periods is not associated with an increased mortality risk


Trackactive and Ergoworks

The physios at Ergoworks have been testing out TrackActive for over a year and have received excellent feedback from patients. This is software that allows the physio to create and send customised exercise programs to patients via PDF or


Do you suffer from “tech neck”?

How often do you spend looking at your phone, tablet or laptop? Studies suggest we look at our phone between 110 and 150 times a day, or around 2-4hrs per day, and those times are excluding tablet and laptop


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